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Are you ready for a vacation? Is your preparation a pleasure or additional stress? How do you prepare for the journey, how much time do you need to your destination, and with which zodiac signs you should never travel?


The racing spirit of the Aries always encourages him to be the best, so he uses the occasion to travel to show who is the fastest driver. They are proud owners of sports cars that somehow manage to collect the whole family, and each member is allowed to work up to half a suitcase. Aries is a driver who regularly overtakes cars on a full line, passes on a red light, and when he makes a traffic violation, then he is loud and argues that everyone is to blame except he / she.

Ideal companion: Leo. Aries and the Lions want fast cars that attract attention, so only the Lion will be proud that Aries has overtaken all cars that were not even aware that they are racing.


The bulls do not want to hurry anywhere, so they are slowly preparing for the road, which brings the other passengers to madness. Their safety and comfort are important to them, so they usually own large cars, preferably a caravan where you can pack more sunbeds, mats, and food. The bulls are conscientious drivers.

Ideal companion: Cancer. These two hedonists will visit every restaurant they will meet, and they will reach the destination with a delay of two days and five pounds more.


Twins are packed five minutes before starting off, so they regularly forget something, usually of great importance. Do not give them the keys, passport, cards, or other important things because they will surely forget or lose them. On the road usually leave without an ID card or a driver’s license. The twins are nervous drivers and have no peace in the car, so they often talk on the phone or switch from one lane to another. At breaks during the trip or at bus and train stations they often start a relaxed conversation with strangers when they realize that it will be more interesting to them where they go, so it is not uncommon at the last minute to change the plan and go elsewhere.

An ideal companion: Aquarius. These adventurous personalities will enjoy a dynamic journey, and many people will get to know their destination.


For Crabs, going to the sea is an ideal opportunity to see beautiful scenery along the way. They never go down the highways, but also in the heaviest heat they bully their fellow travelers on old roads in order to experience the magic of the place they are in. If you are in a hurry to sea, never travel with Crabs, because it’s not uncommon for them to reach the destination after several days of scheduled. As drivers, they are careful and slow.

Ideal companion: Taurus. Only, the patient Taurus will have no problems with the Cancer’s insistence to stop every five kilometers. Cancer will admire the landscape, and the Bull will enjoy the restaurants.


When the Lion starts on the road, preparations start weeks earlier. The lion goes shopping on the most fashionable clothes, jewelry and shoes. It invests heavily in appearance, and is often the proud owner of the most beautiful car on the road. Often it “makes important” and overtakes smaller and slower cars.

Ideal companion: Libra. These two signs want to make important, so together they will enjoy the most elegant car while causing envy among other drivers.


In Virgins, most of the things they carry with them are reduced to medicines and medical devices. Here are the different pills and syrups in case they have a head, throat, ear, shoulder, and do not miss a thermometer and a pressure measuring device because the summer days are hot. They carry huge amounts of fluid with them, healthy, but not tasty foods that will give them enough energy during a stressful journey. Because of the many drugs, they do not have much room for other things, and they carry mostly practical clothes with them that can easily and well combine them. On the way they are careful, but their nervousness makes them unreliable drivers.

Ideal companion: Capricorn. They are incredibly careful, so they will enjoy the mutual need to safely reach the desired place.


In Libra, the preparation for the journey lasts for days, and with it carry several suitcases filled with clothes. As they are indecisive, they have clothes every day to wear at least three different combinations, as well as many shoes and cosmetics that they may “need”. If you travel with Libra, do not expect a lot of space in the car, so take a toothbrush, a few T-shirts and some Bermuda. The car on the scale must be elegant and handsome. The reliability and technical quality are less important. The traffic is fine and decent, but constantly looking at the mirror – women repair the make-up, and men admire their irresistible smile.

Ideal companion: Leo. By the way, they will cause jealousy among the other drivers, and they will stay in the most luxurious places where they can be served with expensive dishes and drinks.


The scorpions on their way always carry only the most basic things, and they also expect the same people who travel with them. They do not prepare themselves for the trip, but when they leave, everything must be theirs. They know all the shortcuts that will “reach” faster to the destination, but they often lose and get the last, and if someone else makes even the slightest offense, they immediately lose their birds.

Ideal companion: None. The Scorpions most want to travel alone, so everyone else is an obstacle.


Shooters love to travel, and prefer to travel in a jeep or van to have a place for more people. If you go on a trip with Sagittarius, then you know that there is no sleep. They are happiest when surrounded by more people, so in the car they are the initiators of social games, gigs, singing, even if no one is located about it. Without thinking, they stop at hitchhikers with whom they immediately make friends.

An ideal companion: Aquarius. They will have such a good time as the journey will be more fun than the holiday itself.


The goats hate every change, so starting off with them is a nightmare. Before they go on their way, their preparations last for weeks. A month earlier they go to make the first car inspection, replace or check the tires and purchase all the equipment and tools in case of a defect of the car. When the departure day comes, they leave at least 3 hours earlier in order to avoid the crowd. Before leaving, they repeat the entire process, and at least 2 hours at the gas station spend measuring tires, changing oil, and charging water. Capricorns drive carefully and following the rules. Every hour they stop for tea or coffee, and during the ride they do not tolerate any conversation or interference.

Ideal companion: Virgo. The virgins endorse the care of the capricorn and their serious approach to going on a journey, because they do not themselves submit any deviations from the set plan, so they want to be prepared for all possible problems.


The Aquarius does not care where they go but with whom. They want to meet new people, so they invite them in the car without much thought. They often deviate from the way they went and ended up in a completely different place, which is normal for this sign of autonomy and free spirit. With Aquariums always expect the unexpected. They have a large van in which they sing, play and entertain. On the way they are dangerous as much as they are unpredictable, they can sometimes be the most caring drivers, and sometimes they are so nervous that one’s slightest mistake can lead them to swear and argue.

Ideal companion: Sagittarius. These two signs, hippies in the soul, want to socialize and have fun, and the journey to the sea is an ideal opportunity to gain new experiences. They love unpredictable circumstances, so each journey turns into a single experience.


The fish are so confused they do not even know how to pack them properly. They carry with them three suitcases in which there is nothing useful and they invade things they will never use, but they regularly forget their wallet or documents or the mobile charger. They are always late, and thus the people they travel with are crawling. Their car is always in such a condition that only they know how to cope, because the gearbox retracts in one way, and the door closes in another way. It is not uncommon for them to forget to put fuel or change oil in the car. Once they reach the desired place, with a delay of 3 days, their traveling companions are so tired of traveling that they use the entire holiday only to rest from it.

Ideal companion: Cancer. Patient Cancer is nowhere to hurry, so it will not be difficult for him to accept the delay of the fish, and together they will stop on the road to admire nature and with the camera to notice every detail, and then show it to friends, they wanted or not.





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