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For some people it seems that happiness is always on their side, is not it? Discover if you are part of the horoscope signs that were born under a happy star or you have a very bumpy road to happiness.

Although your planet is Mars – the symbol of war, that does not mean that you will spend your entire life in combat. The herds are destined to win – they are clever and motivated, and their happiness is a reflection of the strong qualities that are associated with this sign.

Your life is always preparing a blow like “a surprise around the corner”. Although you certainly do not consider yourself a person who was born under a happy star, the mere fact that you are able to overcome all the difficulties in life is evidence that you do not need happiness but just resourcefulness through life challenges.

Dear Gemini, happiness is not your best friend. Generally speaking, your life is filled with endless challenges, so you experience happiness as something unattainable. But the good news is that your willingness and passion for knowledge will deliver you far beyond the happy star. Who needs charm and happiness when there is a mind like yours?

Your sign is one of the few signs that is truly blessed. Though your path will always be paved with obstacles, you know how to choose the right and the right in life, and happy stars are always beside you.

The lions are wise and determined, so you do not have to worry about whether you are happy or not. Your life is like clay, and you are a sculptor who is ready to shape the fate as he wants. Forget the four-leaf clover, you are behind the wheel of the car driving where you want.

Luck, you often know to be out of your range, but you’re probably accustomed to disappointments. Though it seems unfair to you that your life is heavier than the lives of others, there is a reason for that. You have the strongest shoulder in the horoscope – learn how to deal with the difficulties, and thus become a person from whom much can be learned.


The fact is that you are eternal optimists and that life often moves in the direction that you will want. Thank you for your leading planet – Venus for the few bad days in your life.

Though you are prone to negativity in life, you are actually a very happy person. By investing a bit of effort into what you want, you can be very successful. Not everyone can quickly and simply like you manage the ship of your life, so feel happy.

Congratulations, you are the happiest sign in the horoscope! Your planet is ruled by the planet Jupiter, but that does not mean that you will not have challenging times in your life, but at least you will never be lonely when this happens.

Although your sign is designated as a leader in the horoscope, your life can make you more difficult to deal with with relative ease. As long as you engage mentally and emotionally in what you do, you will be lucky enough to get to the goal.

You deserve a warm embrace because, to be honest, you pull out the straw when it comes to happiness. Although life often is unfair to you, you are an extremely frightening fighter who always knows to keep his head upright.

Once upon a time, the happy planet Jupiter was the ruler of your sign. Although this role now has Neptune, which is a planet of inspiration and psychic abilities, Jupiter still affects your life. It means that you are not only happy, but you also have two planets that lead you to true happiness in life.





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