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February, as the second and shortest month of them all can introduce a perfect, quiet love atmosphere or an eruption of passions. It all kinda depends on your zodiac sign and whether the stars are on your side or not.

We are here to give you an insight into what your love life might look according to your zodiac sign!


Aries in a Relationship

There might be some disagreements between you and your partner in relation to mutual investments. You’ll be all in on your personal little pleasures, that you might just forget a little bit about those of others, which may cause some conflict on the short run.

You’ll act independently, freely and self-initiative, which can lead to hurting your partner’s feelings. It will be the middle of the month when you’ll finally sync.

The second part of the month should be all about spending some more intimate time with your partner. Deepen the connection you already have. All of that passion will reach its highest point on the 25th, which may furthermore lead to jealousy and possessive behavior.

Aries going Solo

You’ll be drown to adventures. You’ll notice some potential candidates with whom you might be able to connect, but probably not on a deep level. You’ll be flirting with several people in the same time.

Up until when a totally unknown, entirely different person will manage to catch your attention. This may unfold in a secret relationship, which, unfortunately, just won’t last long.

By the time February has reached its final days, a new chance for a relationship may arise with someone you’ve been attracted to a long time ago.


Taurus in a Relationship

You’ll find new topics to discuss with your partner, as well as some new mutual interests. It will certainly freshen up your relationship. Plan your mutual goals together, which may turn very much profitable for both of you. Unfortunately, you may face some challenges to overcome and arguments revolving around spending the budget.

Expect the arguments to start happening more often in the second part of the month, because he may be feeling a little neglected. Cut down on the going out-s with your friends and all the late night parties, it’s only causing unnecessary jealousy and uncertainty in your relationship. Try not to exaggerate. Fortunately, the end of February will be much more peaceful.

Taurus going Solo

Even the start of February brings promises of couple of passionate relationships. Someone who’s in love with you will try to express their emotions, while you’ll be ignoring the emotions, blinded by all the passion.

It would be all right if you’d pause with the sex games already in the second half. If you come across someone you like, no matter how challenging, try to win them over. Just don’t be so afraid of all of those high expectations strict criteria, you really have a lot to offer.


Gemini in a Relationship

There might be some secrets yet between you and your partner, which only makes it harder for you to emotionally connect. The fact that you tend to keep things to yourself might just lead to a breakup. It’s necessary that you improve your behavior and show that partner of yours that you really need them.

It will benefit you in some many ways if you build a firm foundation and future plans at the second half of February. Spend more time together with your partner, find some activities that you can both commit to and do stuff together. Make an effort to improve how your communicating with each other, since it can lead to some much needed harmony at the end of the month.

Gemini going Solo

Your reputation might get ruined because of your desire to just keep on partying. Even if someone really likes you, more than just for a little adventure on the side, they probably won’t tell you that because of all the rumors. This is the month to make some effort and prove people wrong so that you can finally find true love.

Many good chances might get ruined because of the uncertainty in this month, so make an effort to be the best version of yourself.


Cancer in a Relationship

Make an effort to give more focused attention to your partner, while making sure not to forget your responsibilities. Try to avoid arguments about your partner always being busy, working hard and so on. Feeling left-out or neglected here is unjustified. All you need to do in order to spend more quality time with your partner is to make an initiative yourself.

The beginning of the second half of February will bring along stability, but also an increased sexual desire. You can plan a trip, and give yourselves a chance to rekindle the fires like at the beginnings. Also, work on the communication.

Cancer going Solo

You’ll fall for an interesting person through a mutual friend. It’s their intelligence and openness that will attract your attention, rather than their appearance. You’ll want to start a relationship real fast, but you might want to consider being careful and not idealizing things too much. Try to avoid relationships and texting with people who are already in relationships.


Leo in a Relationship

At the beginnings of this month you’ll be super understanding, which will affect positively when communicating with your significant others, but also when it comes to emotional connections. Make more efforts towards your mutual goals, and don’t ignore parties and hangouts with other people.

The second half of February is for enjoying the certainty of the relationship, and don’t go looking for troubles where there aren’t any. Stay connected and offer your full support.

Leo going Solo

You’ll be drown to superficial, open relationships. You’ll keep on seeing several different people at the same time, until you’ve made your decision based on common things and interests to talk about.

Your crush might not be ready for a serious commitment, so it may just work out for the best. Have fun, play around, without making things official. As time passes by, things will change, but for now it works best for you if you are without any commitments.


Virgo in a Relationship

The stars will bring some disagreements between you and your partner in the first half of this month. Your inability to sync your schedules can be the cause of some troubles with your love life. The worst thing you can possibly do is keep things quiet. Make sure to communicate.

It will be more peaceful in the second half of this month, but it would still be important for you to change some of your habits and rituals. Avoid having conversations on topics that may cloud your judgement and prevent you from seeing things how they really are.

Virgo going Solo

You may feel a little disappointed because you’re still not connecting to that person who you dig for quite some time. So, don’t go around throwing yourself in adventures, unless the other side is equally interested and invested in something more serious. You’ll only get hurt.

You’ll find a new love interest in the second half of February, but you won’t put to much effort into it, so that chance too will be gone.

You may be up and ready for awakening of the passions and sex adventures at the end of this month. You simply need some real emotions and things to talk about before you decide to really commit.


Libra in a Relationship

You’ll be in the mood for fun times and opening up a lot of topics to your partner. You have excellent ideas to get out of a monotonous period. You’ll have a chance for a weekend getaway with your partner, which you should totally do.

After the 17th you can expect some disagreements. There will be life issues that you won’t be able to find a mutual understanding, and you’ll both reveal some secrets that you’ve been keeping from each other for a long time. You need to be really patience and tolerance till this month is over.

Libra going Solo

If you’ve been trying to get your love interest person’s attention, this is the time to quit. Don’t use an innocent person so that you can get some personal details about someone you like. There really is no need of hurting other people’s feelings.

Allow for others to reach out and come to you. The middle of this month is a great time for you to attend some events with larger groups of people. By having a conversation with a more experienced person, you’ll reveal what it is that attracts you.


Scorpio in a Relationship

It’s urgent that you balance your time with your partner, your family and your friends. If you avoid hanging out with other people, you’ll drown yourself into frustrations, and you’ll partner will be at the end of it.

After the 10th you should try and pick out activities that will help you freshen up your relationship. You’re in a great mood, so be focused on organizing some intimate moments with other people, couples and so on.

Avoid large family gatherings as the second half of the month kicks in so that you automatically avoid larger conflicts.

Scorpio going Solo

You’ll find it easy to fall in love this month, which will make it harder for you to chose between several different people. You’ll be fantasizing a lot, waiting on the other person to make the first move. You shouldn’t be missing out on a great opportunity just because you’re insecure.

By the end of the month the passions inside of you will awaken which will lead to a rushed adventure. You should reveal your true feelings, cause even the littlest of misunderstanding can be catastrophic.


Sagittarius in a Relationship

The beginning of the month will bring great ideas and initiatives for you to surprise your special someone which will improve the dynamics of the two of you. The passions will rekindle, which will most certainly work great for you. Being more communicative that you usually are will help you learn a few new things about your partner.

You shouldn’t be keeping secrets from your significant other. If you have a lot of those, then this would be the month to be careful about the trust.

Sagittarius going Solo

You’ll fall for someone you’ve been introduced to by mutual friends. Your heart will be in the right place, but it’s important for you to not complicate things with no reason. What you should do instead is to let thing unfold by themselves.

An entirely different person may catch your attention by the end of the month and they may invite you to an interesting adventure. You can’t sit on two chairs forever though, so you gotta make up your mind or you’ll end up losing both chances.


Capricorn in a Relationship

Your relationship with your partner may get a little intense in the first half of the month. You’ll be open for fun, and you’ll tend to keep secrets and other important information from your partner. Try harder to organize your relationship.

When the second half of the month kicks in you’ll be able to make up for all the things you’ve missed and to correct your wrongdoings in relation to your love life. Patience and dedication are key to success by the end of February. In time you’ll reconnect.

Capricorn going Solo

You’ll meet and start dating someone through a mutual friend. You’ll start an emotional relationship, but there might be a third party meddling which may cause some uncertainty.

Make sure to check all the rumors you’ll hear, don’t go idolizing your significant other. You’ll need some time until you finally make a decision, and make it right, but don’t rush and really think deeply about this.


Aquarius in a Relationship

Commit to planning activities that you can do together. All these disagreements you have with each other should be handled at the beginning of this month, and you need to get creative with this, not quiet about it.

You’ll be able to communicate much better as soon as the second half of the month kicks in, which will inspire you for more couples-activities. If you’re patient and understanding, you’ll help your partner realize that you truly are the right person for them, which will ultimately lead to them wanting to take your relationship to the next level. Just make sure that thins revolving around your future expectations are clear and understood and that you actually can plan it together.

Aquarius going Solo

Someone you’ve recently met and drown to, might just make a comeback in your life with an offer to good to just throw away. If both your interests match, give this someone a chance to shine.

It’s important for you to be in the presence of people who awaken your emotions, and not just the superstitious pleasures this month. If you haven’t moved on from past loves and relationships, this is the month you should finally get that done.


Pisces in a Relationship

It’s just about the right time now as this month’s just beginning for you to do something with your partner, something which you’ve been postponing a long time now. There might be an offer for a trip for you two, of which you should really be careful. Things can get complicated or there might be some unpredictable costs which can lead to some disagreements in your relationships.

The second half of this month will motivate you to change some things in your love life. But, after the 20th you’ll feel a bigger desire for freedom and passion. Try not to rush with your actions, especially outside of the relationship.

Pisces going Solo

You’ll meet someone from abroad which you’ll find attractive because of their different way of thinking. But, then you won’t be able to decide what to do when the time comes for them to return to their country, which will cause a trouble.

What you can do this month is to not invest your emotions that much. Just make peace with the fact that sometimes all there is is just a simple beautiful adventure. The chances to find a serious relationship this month are small.


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