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With the genetic analysis of the alleged samples from the monster Yeti, it has been established that it is actually a Himalayan bear.

Yeti has long since become part of the Himalayan culture, and now his myth is finally resolved.

Scientists are now testing the samples they collected for years, and biologist Dr. Charlo Lindquist of the University of Buffalo finally presented the results to the public.

With the genetic analysis of nine bones, teeth, skin and hair it has been found that the samples belong to the Himalayan bear, more precisely the Yeti.

“It’s obvious that much of the legend has to do with bears,” she says.

The study proved that the samples allegedly belonging to the Yeti are in fact samples of a modern bear species, especially Himalayan brown and black bears.

The first stories and myths about the Yeti emerged in the 19th century in Western culture. The famous monster is reportedly noticed in Nepal, and with the myriad of peoples the myth of this creature has lasted for centuries.

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