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Chinese President Xi Jinping urged US President Donald Trump to avoid “words and deeds” that would exacerbate the tense situation on the Korean Peninsula, a Chinese state television reported.

In a telephone conversation with Trump, he said that “China and the United States have a common interest in the realization of the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula and maintaining peace and stability in that area,” AFP quoted China as saying in a call to China’s SiCiTi TV.

According to President Kinshasa, the North Korean nuclear issue requires peaceful resolution and the United States as a “relevant side” should show restraint. He stressed that China is ready to maintain communication with the United States on the basis of mutual respect in finding a satisfactory solution. The two leaders said they were delighted at Trump’s visit to China later this year.

“At this point, China-US relations are developing well,” Trump said, stressing that these relations could be better.

Trump reportedly told China that he fully understands China’s role in the issue of the North Korean nuclear program.

Beijing has previously voiced concern over the exile of the “war of words” between Washington and Pyongyang. Trump yesterday further strengthened rhetoric, warning North Korea that it would “genuinely regret” if it undertakes any hostile action against the United States, and Twitter has said that “the US military is ready”.

China is traditionally the closest ally of Pyongyang, but last weekend voted for new sanctions against North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un.


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