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After being transferred to a hospital and after removal of squid, it was established that it was a spermatophore of squid.

A woman (63) from South Korea was left “pregnant” with babies squid after eating squid, that is, a squid meal.

The incident occurred at the moment when she ate a piece of boiled squid when she suddenly felt severe pain in her mouth.

During the medical examination she left immediately, it was established that a kind of baby-squid was attached to the inside of her mouth. Everywhere she had bumps, the gums, cheeks, and tongue.

After the removal, it was established that it was a spermatophore of squid, that is, parts of the seeds of fluid from these marine animals.

A similar case existed in Japan in 2016, with the difference that the woman then ate living squid, which is often in those cases, but it is still not clear how she got into fertilization of a woman’s mouth from South Korea when she ate boiled Squid.

Most likely the squid of the squid that they ate were not removed before being cooked, which is a mandatory practice in the West (so you have no reason to worry about this.)

So, in case you buy yourself whole squid in order to prepare them, be sure to remove all the interior, leaving them empty before cutting them on circles.

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