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For those of you who don’t know, I am peachy, an emotional and sleepy girl. I have been doin’ these weekly zodiac posts for a very long time now because i think astrology is pretty cool!

Need help finding outfits to cozy up with in the winter? I am here to help! Using zodiac sign personality traits and other research, the outfits I created for your sign resemble those characteristics and give off strong vibes.

Scroll down below and find the winter outfit that matches your zodiac sign perfectly!

Aries – faux fur lined denim jackets

Add decals such as patches, buttons and pins with these classic jackets to further express your independent, strong, and free-spirited personality!

Taurus – anorak jackets

You can count on these functionally stylish jackets to compliment your down-to-earth nature and satisfy your comfort zone. Pair with a cozy infinity scarf.

Gemini – beanies

Beanies bring out your dynamic energy and versatility. flaunt a beanie with a coat of your choice.

Cancer – earmuffs

Practical to your liking, an earmuff´s softness & warmth gets you in touch with your sensitive side. Pair with your favourite knitted mockneck sweaters.

Leo – faux sheepskin boots

Popular just like you are, you can´t miss having these cozy additions to your closet. Pair with the essential black jeggings.

Virgo – camel coats

Elegant and classy, there is no way you can´t look like the strong, natural-born leader you are in a camel coat. Pair with a turtleneck sweater.

Sagittarius – gloves

Your loving and caring nature fits you like a glove! Keep those affectionate hands warm with a pair of knitted gloves.

Libra – puffy jackets

A puffy jacket should always accompany if you ever plan to act on your desires for adventure. Pair these with casually minimalist one-color clothing pieces.


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