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Although everyone wants to socialize with their holiday and an exotic journey, it’s not very wise.

For those who publish photos of their boarding passes on social networks, to boast of the trip they are pulling out, it’s a very bad idea for security. Namely, the “Boarding Pass” has personal data that should not be allowed to share with everyone, and in the bar code are all flight data.

Brian Krebs of the Krebs on Security page warns that it is very simple, from the photos on Facebook or Instagram to steal all passport data for the boarding pass.

If someone shoots it and enters an online reader, the data will appear very quickly.

At the beginning of this year, a reader on his side called for him, who was familiar with this problem, and took a photo that his friend published on Facebook. He increased the screen’s “screen” on the site and found an online data reader who quickly discovered all the travel details of that friend. Besides the name, the number of the flight and other data, he came to a code that helped the airline’s side, using the name of his friend, to get information on the flight, but also for the future flights he booked.

There were also numbers on passenger phones and data for the person who booked the flight. By entering such an account, a hacker might change his seat or even cancel another flight. The hacker can also change the PIN code in this way, writes Krebs.

Because of all this, it may be good not to place such photos on social networks.


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