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With a glimpse of the illustration you can discover whether you are leaders or you are still too kind, so others use you.

Do not look deep into the essence, but only superficially, a few seconds – the first impression is important.

If you first saw the tree, it shows that in life you rely on reason and logic. It’s a positive attitude that makes you a born leader. You are able to organize and guide the people around you. You also have the gift to deal with complicated situations easily and to deal with disagreements.

If you first saw a monkey, you are critically inclined to life and to yourself and to others. You expect everyone to progress with your speed. Share tips, and even sometimes impose on others. You are stubborn, you do not want to waste time, so you always find a job, even when it does not make sense. You’re full of good ideas and radios with intelligence.


The fact that you first noticed the lion means that you rely on your instincts. You act to others a little wildly and with that attitude you can injure close people. You are decisive and hard to work. When you set an order, you try to reach it at all costs. You are not inclined to receive advice, not even your loved ones.

If you first saw the fish, it means that you are not burdensome with what will be tomorrow, nor with what was yesterday. You live now and here and you believe everything will be good. You are keen to the extent that most people use and manipulate you.

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