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Here’s a life opportunity! Become the owner of a real royal castle, Fågelvik, a totally amazing castle in Sweden.

The 14th-century castle was once home to Carl Knutson Bond, who ruled Sweden as a king during the 14th century and was also the king of Norway for a period of two years.

The only property is on the list of real estate for sale, and it can be yours, although it is necessary to pay $ 4.4 million in advance. After the reign of Carl, the castle went hand in hand, to be completely renovated in 1995.

Now, imagine all the advantages of a castle once owned by a king?

The formal entrance leads to numerous rooms, such as a circular ceiling with high ceilings, with a number of artistic paintings exclusively from celebrated artists and a huge terrace overlooking the sea.

Within this castle there is a billiard hall, a huge main bedroom, and a multitude of bedrooms for all those lucky ones who will be caught in the guests in this magnificent castle.

This divine property extends to 3 hectares, and the castle owns a fascinating 4,000 square meters and is surrounded by sea on all sides.


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