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Zebra Man
Horace Ridler also known as “Zebra Man” is an English military officer in The First World War, at the rank of major. In 1922 he decided to turn himself into a tatto attraction and he painted his body from top of the head to the bottom of his feet.
His first tattoos were done by Chinese tattooist.In 1972 George Burchett was very famous tattooist. After 150 hours of work and 150 million needle slabs he transformed Ridler into Great Omi.
Omi was popular showman. With years his appearance became more unusual. He started wearing lipstick and nail polish.

The elongded head of Managbet people in 1930 year

This fashion trend starts in the 1950s with the arrival of more Europeans. To achieve this shape they wrapped the heads of infants, both boys and girls. The brain had a new shape but it’s functions weren’t damaged. Believe it or not according to studies they were canibalists.

Longest beard

Edwin Smith was growing his beard for 16 years. His beard reached 8 feet. It was so long that Edwin hired a servant just to wash it.

Katzen the Tiger Lady

Katzen was a tattoo artist.At the age of 5 she asked her mother to cover her body with the stripes of a tiger. Many years later she tattooed her arms and legs with tiger stripes and at the age of 27 her tattooes were complete. But the most interesting fact was that she had removable artificial whiskers on her body.

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