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With the yacht “Venus” sails the widow of Steve Jobs, which is not her first visit to the Adriatic.

The “Venus” yacht, Steve Jobs never had a chance of sailing with this luxury yacht worth about 120 million euros, these days sail around Brioni.

The yacht is now owned by his wife, Lauren Powell Jobs, who has already cruised with “Venus” in the Adriatic Sea, the last time three years ago, in the tour of Dubrovnik and Hvar.

Powell Jobs with the technical genius, who died after a long battle with pancreatic cancer, was married for 20 years. The couple has four children, but after Steve Jobs’s death she inherited more than $ 10 billion from his property. The yacht “Venus” was designed by Philip Stark and was built in the Netherlands.

Steve Jobs ordered the yacht in 2008, shortly after diagnosing cancer, and he decided exactly for Stark because he thought he was the only person who could implement his vision of the yacht in action.

But the construction of the yacht did not go smoothly. It was built in the Netherlands and Stark seized it after accusing Jobs of having owed three million euros for the design, out of a total of nine million euros that cost Stark’s services.

Because of this argument, Stark’s fee was discovered, which he had hitherto hid. Jobs was aware that there was no living wait for the construction of the yacht, but anyway, he continued building it.

The yacht was completed a year after his death and can not be rented. Otherwise renting yachts is a common thing in the rich people who regularly rent them when not using them. But, as it is commonly referred to as luxury yachts, they are mainly rented by celebrities.

Lauren Powell Jobs devoted his life and career to advocating for youth education, assistance to immigrants and social justice to protect the environment. She is particularly interested in children who for financial reasons can not afford faculty studies.

She is sensitive about her private life and strictly keeps her from the public and the media, which can be noticed during her stay in Croatia, where she persistently avoids photo-reporters.

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