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The brutal regime of Royal Saudi Arabia is calculated in its own way with dissidents and political opponents.

Three princes have disappeared without a trace in the last two years. They all disappeared in the same way, and as if they had fallen into the ground. The officers are silent, and the fate of the abducted is not known. On that occasion, a film was filmed for the alleged kidnapping of three members of the royal family, who called for reforms in the authoritarian kingdom.

New information has been released on the three separate cases of the disappearance of Saudi princes, suggesting that they have hijacked the Saudi government and returned them to their country against their will. Princes Sultan Beh Tikki bin Abdulaziz, who lived in Geneva and Massachusetts, Turki bin Bandar from Paris and Saud Beh Saeed al Nasr of Milan, disappeared the last two years, that is, they were abducted by an airplane.

SacrilageOne British member of the prince’s entourage describes how hours after the prince was kidnapped the Saudi…

Posted by Von Edomi on Tuesday, August 15, 2017

The BBC produced the documentary “Kidnapped, Disappeared Princes of Saudi Arabia,” suggesting that they were all abducted in Europe and sent back to Riyadh, and that it was part of the Saudi government’s move to silence high-ranking dissidents.

Prince Sultan, who has the highest position of all three, was crowned in January 2016 in a state plane in Boston and was told he would fly to Cairo to visit his father. Some members of his escort of 18 people who are not from Saudi Arabia told the film’s authors that the plane had flown to Riyadh. When it landed, the prince was taken out by armed men while he asked his companions to contact the US embassy. Since then, he has not even heard a voice from him.

The prince, who had long committed to reforming the authoritarian kingdom, had previously filed criminal charges in Switzerland charging members of his family that he was being drugged and put on a plane for Riyadh while in 2003 he lived in Geneva.

Prince Turki bin Bandar, a Saudi police chief, was arrested in 2012 after a grave dispute over the family’s inheritance. He then went to Paris and started writing texts and publishing footage of YouTube, in which he criticized the regime in Riyadh, writes the British portal Independent.

Turks bin Bandar disappeared at the end of 2015. The film says that the only trace of him is an article in Moroccan novelty, which says he was arrested in France and then deported to Saudi Arabia at the request of Riyadh.

Almost the same time when Turks disappeared, the same thing happened with Saud bin Sa’id al-Nasr, who lived in Milan. He disappeared after he called in writing for the destruction of King Salman.

His friend and also dissident Prince Khalid Beh Fahran believes he was deceived by being told that he would fly from Milan to Rome at a business meeting, which was a snare for abduction directed by the Saudi government.
Authorities in Saudi Arabia did not respond to these charges from the BBC and Independent.

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