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Bali is a renowned destination for relaxation and enjoyment, but some tourists want to explore other, less luxurious parts of this beautiful island.

Among those attractions is the deserted hotel “Bedugul Taman Recreasi”, for which residents believe it is cursed.

The hotel has a large festive hall, a large dining room, beautiful rooms and a large number of terraces overgrown with ivy, of which there is a beautiful view.

This large hotel was built during the 90’s, but for an unknown reason it was never open to guests. It is believed to have been abandoned for more than 10 years.

This hotel is followed by numerous mysteries, including the mystery of the real owner of this building. Some claim that it is a nobleman from Indonesia, while others think that it is Tomi Suharto, the son of the late President Suharto. The third theory claims that the hotel is owned by a corrupt investor who has thrown a curse on his competitors, but instead of success he has suffered bankruptcy.

Whoever is the real owner of this hotel, obviously had ambitious plans for this complex, which should have been a real place to relax for those with a deeper pocket.

Locals call it “The House of Spirits,” and claim to be obsessed with the spirit of the rival of the businessman, as well as his tired workers who died building this building.

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