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Full of history and left in the past, these castles are now a true attraction for historians as well as for tourists. Ruins of magical beauty and spectacular scenery.

The abandoned castles always have an impressive figure, an explosion of a historical past submerged behind ruined walls. The author, Kieron Connolly, whose new book, The Lost Castles, explores the most spectacular forgotten fortresses in the world, the habitats of former civilizations.

“Societies are like a body: centuries have gone and the body decays,” says Connolly. “The castle is like a skull or like teeth, in fact they look like teeth, fastened out into the ground. They give us a roadmap to the past “.

The Book of Connolly displays all castles throughout the years around the world, including the 19th century military fortresses in the French Alps, the 13th-century castles in the Scottish Highlands and the medieval fortress in Syria.

“As a child, I’ve gone on long walks, and often after a deserted train,” says Connolly, who returns his interest in these abandoned places back to the children’s automobile.

“These places have a mystery: Why is it closed, where it goes, what it looks like when it’s closed, how fast the branches grow in the paths, the stations begin to decompose?”.

Most of the castles shown in the book have a long history through the centuries. Over the years, various owners and architects have left their mark on the castles.

“I like that this idea is based on the layers of history,” says Connolly. “You can see how a castle was built, and later how it was rebuilt, expanded, how the walls changed, how it went back and forth, and finally became obsolete.”

Over the years, these peeled layers of fortresses now offer a magnificent sight for tourists. In addition, look at some of the castles that Connolly displayed in his book:

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