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Despite how much we love dogs and cats, there is still a huge pet homelessness problem. In the United States alone, there are about 70 million stray animals. Of those 70 million, only about six to eight million cats and dogs enter the nation’s 3,500 shelters every year, according to the Humane Society of the United States.

Sadly, blind cats are not deemed adoptable by many ordinary shelters and therefore they are often euthanized. Thankfully, the Blind Cat Rescue, a cat sanctuary located in St. Paul, North Carolina, offers a wonderful home for these beautiful cats, and provides them with all the love and care they could wish for. Many of the cats are rehomed from the shelter proving that they can find the perfect place. As well as blind cats, they also take in those with FELV and FIV as these cats suffer the same fate.

As the Blind Cat Rescue shows, the resilience of animals should never be underestimated. With a little bit of compassion and care, it seems that there is nothing that our four-legged friends can’t overcome. With over a million followers on Facebook alone, it’s clear there are many compassionate people who see past the stereotypes of blind cats.

So, are you ready to meet some of the amazing cats who call the Blind Cat Rescue their home? Get ready to fall in love!

1# Mickey was dumped outside of the Scotland County Humane Society over night. He was very sick with a severe upper respiratory infection. Knowing his chances for adoption were slim, the Scotland County Humane Society called Blind Cat Rescue.

The sweet kitty was immediately put on serious antibiotics, cleaned up and his eye and ear infections treated. Today, Mickey is super loving and loves to knead!

2# Samantha was found as a stray in November of 2016. Because she is both FIV + Leukemia positive  (FELV+), she was scheduled to be euthanized, but thankfully instead Blind Cat Rescue was called. The rescue says that she is still understandably scared but is doing better. 

3# Annie is a senior blind cat. This beautiful gal found her way to Blind Cat Rescue after her owner sadly passed away. She loves to sit on laps and will never turn down wet food! 

4# In July of 2015, a good Samaritan rescued WiFi after he was hit by a car. WiFi’s rescuer immediately took him to an emergency veterinarian, ultimately saving his life. 

WiFi’s rescuer wasn’t able to adopt him, but she did drive 11 hours to Blind Cat Rescue so that this kitty would have a forever home. He is blind from his injuries but is doing well! 

Feeling inspired to help shelter cats? One easy way to help is opening up your home to foster an animal while they wait to be adopted. Being able to place animals in foster homes frees up room in shelters, allowing for more animals to be saved. And because the shelter environment can be stressful for some animals, causing them to shy away from prospective adopters, giving them a temporary place to stay can help increase their chances of finding a new home.

The most important thing you can do to help animals in shelters is to adopt and encourage others to do the same. With so many animals already needing homes, there’s no reason to purchase from a breeder.




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