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The most expensive house in Europe was designed by Hungarian architect Anti Lovag, and was built from 1975 to 1989. It looks like piles of bubbles, and it is on sale for $455 million.

Palais Bulles is a popular name for the house in Cannes, which is also the most expensive house in Europe. The name is clear because the first view of the house leaves an impression on everyone – the futuristic house from a distance looks like a bunch of bubbles.

It was built for celebrity fashion designer Pierre Cardin, who could enjoy 10 bedrooms and a large living room, as well as in spacious gardens along with swimming pools and ponds.

But to become the owner of this property you should be among the extremely wealthy, because the value of the house is $455 million.

Designed by the Hungarian architect Anti Lovag, it was built from 1975 to 1989. The name of the palace is also understandable because the property looks more like a village than a house.

The large living room is reminiscent of a set of science fiction films, and even the sitting furniture is circular.

In one of the bathrooms, which look like spa centers, the sink and bathtub are round, and in the whole house is difficult to find a flat line.

When you leave the house, you will be welcomed by gardens extending over 3,500 square meters, and there are several pools and ponds.

The dramatic style of the house and the whole property emphasizes its own theater with 500 seats for various events and concerts with a fantastic view of the sea.


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