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The Japanese never stop to surprise us. They are also called “invention” of people because of their incredible creativity and futuristic look that they give to the buildings. Now they also offer you a stay in a hotel-capsule!

Japan is known throughout the world for its creative, modern and luxurious hotels, but maybe with this hotel they went too far. In fact, it is a spherical “capsule” a hotel room floating on the water, and people on the Internet have different views and reactions to this new invention of the Japanese.

Hotel “Mizuki” is designed by the Dutch theme park Hius Ten Bosch in Nagasaki which includes beds, toilets and showers. “The room is exactly the same as in ordinary hotels, from 36 to 38 square meters in which about 4 people could stay,” said owner Hideo Savada. The capsule is slowly heading towards an island that recently bought the company and is currently being restructured into a resort that will be designed for business. What does it mean to stay in one place, and in the morning you will wake up to the island!

If you want to enter this orbit, it will cost you about $ 300 a night. At the same time, watching Titanic is not recommended.

Write in the comments bellow would you like to spend a night in this “hotel” or why not.

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