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Two sisters who were pregnant at the same time and gave birth on the same day and in the same hospital, celebrated the first birthdays of their daughters with a photo session.

Cory Telbot and Katie Morgan found out that they were pregnant before Christmas holidays in 2015. After Kory told her the happy news of Katie, she acknowledged her secret. “My sister said to me: I must tell you something. And I’m pregnant and I did not tell anyone for two weeks to surprise everyone on Christmas Eve. I almost fainted, because I could not believe it, “said Corey.

Both gave birth on August 10 last year over a period of 20 minutes.

A year later, they recreated the photo shoot they made during pregnancy.

“We are constantly saying that it’s great that we are mothers together,” said the sisters who live at a distance of 5 minutes and together grow up their children.

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