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Our choices speak very much to us, even when they are the result of the subconscious.

This below is a photo of 6 trees. You need to choose one of them to discover more about your character.


What do they mean?

1. Calmness and responsibility

You are always finishing your tasks. You are an interesting and fun person, but also very modest. You want to do things with a sense of humor. Above all, you are struggling to achieve peace and tranquility in your life and environment. You know how to mediate through arguments, but sometimes you are afraid of conflicts because you believe that they will disturb your peace.

You have a great challenge in front of you: to learn to give in, to be spontaneous and to accept life as it is. You need to remember that all things happen for a reason. Your task is to discover what it is, and to learn your lessons.

2. Acceptance and cooperation

You are one of those people who work hard in life and who want to help others. You are honest, loyal and open. However, you often involve yourself in more tasks than you can end up and want to help everyone, which sometimes has a negative effect on your discipline.

Although it’s interesting to work on multiple projects, you need to enter a line in your life to be successful in what you do. Select only a few tasks and do it properly.

3. Kindness and intellect

You are a sensitive, sincere and eloquent person who has knowledge and good ideas. You need to know that you have the power to change the world and to succeed in doing so. But sometimes other people are indifferent to it and you become frustrated because you do not know how to deal with it.

Remember that there are basic rules that can enable you to live peacefully, but they are simple: live and do not judge others as living. Know that you are always on the right track and do not doubt excessively in yourself.

4. Sensitivity and creativity

You are a friendly person who has a sense of art and is very curious about the world around it. Your sensitivity is at a higher level than among other people, which gives you a strong sense of beauty and empathy for others. You always express your independence, and in some cases even exaggerate.

Your challenge lies in learning to be tolerant and accepting others’ differences. That’s because you have been causing strong conflicts with others just because of your opinions. Once you achieve your goals, your life will be happier and more peaceful.

5. Effort and efficiency

You are always active, target-oriented, and committed to hard work. When you want something, go to it and in a direct way you try to achieve it. However, it is paradoxical that sometimes your biggest advantage can betray you, because sometimes you do not know the boundaries. Very often you get to a situation of stress and physical and mental exhaustion.

Personal development and achievement of goals are something great. But be careful not to be too dedicated to celebrating successes, forgetting your loved ones. Take time to relax and time for those you love. It will help your life to be happier and more accomplished.

6. Precision and imagination

You are full of goals and dreams. Sometimes you behave as if they were so strictly set, so you do not want to change your goal, even when things can bring you more success. Though you are sure of yourself, give yourself a little more freedom and spontaneity, which will help you achieve greater results. Remember that the most beautiful moments in life should be fun.



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