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A tranquil domestic paradise hidden in a dense forest. This is how the “Returning Hut” holiday home, surrounded by nature in Fujian, China, is projected and edited by the design studio “FM.X Interior Design”.

Regulated minimalist, relaxing, earthy nuances, without too much decor, the house is like a small kingdom in nature, perfect for a weekend escape from the city, the narrow Chinese urban interiors, the overcrowding of cities and the city noise. It was the desire of the owner, to have his own nest far from the eyes of all, where he could enjoy relaxed enjoyment of nature.

The cabin  is set on a hill, surrounded by mountains and forest, overlooking the sea. There is an absolute silence surrounding it, which is mirrored in the interior itself. The interior is connected as one with nature through the facade of glass, with which the family has a direct view of the mystical natural landscape. In this way, the cabin merges into the natural surroundings and is carefully hidden in the embrace of the surrounding forest.

“The design of the interior shows respect for nature and offers the family a feeling that it is completely cut off and isolated from the noisy city, allowing them to return to the true roots, real peace and relaxation,” explained the designers.

The whole cabin is the embodiment of relaxation and tranquility, a space that connects people with nature, returning to it a piece of lost humanity because of the chaotic and fast way of life in the big cities.

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