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In the 1940s, Huacachina Oasis grew into a popular spa destination for wealthy Peruvians who were looking for salvation from many ailments here.

Huacachina is a real oasis in the desert in southern Peru, which is about ten minutes away from Ica town, or five hours from the capital of Lima.

It’s about a village built around a natural lake, surrounded by palm trees and monumental sand dunes.

Right here, since the 1940s onwards, the wealthy Peruvians demanded salvation from rheumatism, arthritis, asthma and bronchitis. In fact, the local legend says that the lake possesses healing power and that it resolves various types of diseases in those who bathe in it.

In the 1950s, tourist attraction for Huacachina began to decline even to a complete abandonment. But towards the end of the millennium, various investors began offering opportunities to visit this miracle in the middle of the desert of Buggy vehicles.

Over time there are built restaurants that offer virtually everything – from classic Peruvian cuisine to Italian pizzas. So, apart from driving with Buggy and Quad, here you can try out what looks like a barging over the sand. That’s why Huacachina is today visited by personalities from all generations.

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