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This short psycho test will help you discover more about yourself. How to solve it?

All you need is a pen, a piece of paper and your imagination.

It is best to be spontaneous and to respond with the first thing that will come to your mind.

Briefly, turn off the logical thinking and abandon the fantasies.

Imagine that you swim in warm crystal clear water into the ocean.

Now, answer the following questions:

#1 Boil deep into the water to admire the marine animals that live there and suddenly notice the mermaid. What color is its fin?

#2 Siren is not the only thing you notice. Besides her, she swims fish. What kind of fish is it? Is it dangerous and aggressive or calm and harmless?

#3 You are pushing deeper and at the bottom you notice a shell. What does the shell look like? Is it flat and smooth or a cone shaped curve?

#4 It’s time to return to the mainland. Swim to the beach. How many people are you seeing there?

You wrote everything?


1# The color of the siren fin shows you how social you are

Cold colors show that you are shy.

Bright and warm tones show that you have no problems communicating with strangers.

#2 The fish is a symbol of how you solve problems

If you have imagined a calm fish it means that you have no problem to defend your views and express your opinion.

If you notice an aggressive fish, it means you want to avoid conflicts and quarrels.

#3 Shell shows how you are open to others around you

The simple shell shows that you can easily open in front of others.

And, the curve shell, the opposite, is difficult to open, but then when you do it, you usually acquire a true and honest friend.

#4 The number of people on the beach shows how many friends you have

If there are many people, you are probably the main star among many people.

If there are a few people, that means you have fewer friends, but those you have are closest to you.

If you have imagined yourself, then you are such a type of person who probably does not have much confidence in others.




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