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There weren’t any Ferraris in the original Project Cars game, and that was a big shame, but Slightly Mad Studios is making up for that by including 10 of the Italian manufacturer’s most famous cars in the second instalment of the franchise.

Project Cars 2 will feature some of the most beautiful and iconic Ferrari road and race cars of all time – we’re literally drooling as we take a look down the list. There’s also a cool little trailer showing them off.


As one of the most historic and famous racing and motoring brands, its absence in the first Project Cars game was definitely felt. But a great mix of current and classic Ferraris will now be in PC2, set for release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on 22 September 2017.

From the ridiculously powerful LaFerrari, to the insane Enzo, the iconic 330 P4 and the 288 GTO stunner, the list of Ferraris in PC2 is absolutely amazing. We’re literally drooling at the screenshots of them…

The game developers have definitely cherry-picked a stunning range of classic and modern Ferraris. Of course, there’re so many to choose from, but they’ve made some great decisions.

It’s also interesting to see two different Ferrari 488s in the game – the GT3 and GTE racing versions of the supercar.

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