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Spiritual hygiene is often underestimated. But her power is only understood after stress is accumulated.

Well, if you are in a stressful period in which you do not know what you lack, and it’s obvious that it’s not all right, you just need to select a mandala symbol.

The choice will reveal what you need to get rid of right now.

If you chose the symbol with number 1

It is necessary for you to fill the energy through massages and activities that make you happy. During this period you are missing the work of yourself. Rely on the person you trust and restore your energy by canceling some of your obligations if you want to feel luck again.

If you chose the symbol with number 2

It’s high time to stop the contacts that drag you down. Do not depend on people’s opinions or comments. Form your opinion and do not ask for approval.

If you chose the symbol with number 3

Stop worrying and protect others. Your body and mind are exhausted by constant struggle for the good of other people in your life. You will feel much easier and happier if you reconcile that you can not solve other people’s problems.


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