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In Munich, on rain and large safety measures begins opening the  184s Oktoberfest.

Like every year, this centerpiece will be the Bavarian girls in traditional costumes with huge ales in their hands.

The most popular beer festival is expected by October 3, when the festival ends, to visit over 6 million fans of this drink.

The main area of the festival has a capacity of 10,000 seats, and the price per liter of beer will be 10,95 euros, which is 25 cents more than last year.

This year visitors will also have an application that will make it easier for them to find friends who have lost the festival, and to find out where there are vacancies in the tents.

It remains only open the question of whether this year will be drunk more than last year, when were drunk 6.6 million liters of beer.

This year, the organizers will pay more attention to security, because last year the attendance of the festival was reduced due to fear of terrorist attacks. Therefore, the list of prohibited items found the big bags, but also the ranks.

The entrances and exits will be controlled by 650 police officers, which is 250 more than last year, and cameras, as well as sound alarms, will be posted through which information will be delivered in German, Bavarian and English.

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