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A brave police dog who detained a samurai sword-wielding thug and rescued a drowning man in the same day has been praised for her exceptional work.

Leicestershire police force Alsatian Hope tackled a man as he threatened people with a samurai sword in Leicester at around 1pm on Tuesday.

Just hours later she saved a man from drowning in the Grand Union Canal and even escorted him to the hospital where he was treated for hypothermia.

The courageous canine was singled out by the force for her day of bravery on their Facebook page in a post that read:

‘Hope showed a huge amount of bravery by detaining a male who was threatening people with a samurai sword in Leicester yesterday.

‘But that’s not all, at their next job, her and her handler rescued a vulnerable male from drowning in a canal by dragging him out of the water and immediately escorting him to the hospital with believed hypothermia.’

A police spokeswoman commented that the sword turned out to be a ‘very convincing copy’.

‘The dog handler officer said the toy was a very convincing replica,’ she said.

‘The man was dealt with by way of a community resolution. He was given advice about carrying such an item in public.’

Nearly 900 of Hope’s admirers liked the Facebook post, which was shared 100 times.

Colin Webster expressed his admiration for the police dog (PD) in a post.

‘A very big well done to PD Hope and her handler, What a great team,’ he said.

Hils Stewart wrote: ‘What a fantastic job dogs and handlers do. Well done to the trainers too.’



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