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Yoga instructor Rosie Rhys maintains yoga classes throughout Australia. What is interesting is that she, along with her students, performs this discipline completely naked.

Forget erotic yoga and meditation, there is already a new practice that will help you get rid of stress, and at the same time will strengthen your muscles. It’s about nude yoga, the latest fitness trend in Australia.

Yoga instructor Rosy Reese keeps yoga classes across the country. At her classes, about 30 women attend naked women with no problem. 30-year-old Rosy says the classes are meant to inspire women regardless of their age and weight, to accept themselves as they are.

While many feel that attaining the spiritual balance in a room full of unknown naked faces is not exactly the ideal way, Rosie points out that this practice is therapeutic and that it contributes to a better sleep, sex life and increases self-esteem.

“Many women are coming back to tell me that after they have started naked yoga they have a better sleep, they feel energetic and have better sex,” Daily Mail said.

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