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Wanting to break the monotony of sharing the perfect mother’s milk and mother’s photos, Maya Vorderstrasse decided to create humor-filled pictures depicting the chaotic reality.

“I will continue laughing to get out of the diapers and screaming, because when I return to my life, I want to remember it as fun and filled with ease and love,” she said.

Week 27: Intensive sciatica. Crazy bladder. Totally worth everything.

29 Week: I can not stop eating. The shoes do not pick me up. It is not possible to be happier.

31 Week: I can not see my feet. Somehow I have to piss. That’s fine with me!

33 Week: When your wife is so pregnant, you do not eat the last (piece) of anything.

35 week: Roses are red, lovers are blue, I’m too pregnant to rhyme. Give me ice cream!

37 Week: Fact – I deserved the right not to wear pants.

39 week: He said that I am irrational and influenced by hormones …
(I made him try to be ME for an hour. He did not endure 15 minutes)

40 Week: How can this get through this?!? I’m asking for a friend …








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