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For many years back in Russia the rumors of a huge palace, whose magnificence can be the true rival of the kings’ residences …

According to rumors, this residence was made for Russian President Vladimir Putin in the southern part of the country. For a long time no single photo of this building was available in public, and now for the first time we have the opportunity to see and what it actually looks like. The palace is located near the Black Sea resort of Galendzhika, in the Krasnodar region.

And the photos that emerged are made from a bird’s eye and are the work of the Russian opposition activists who wanted to show the bulk of the whole complex of several thousand square meters, 67 hectare property, overlooking the Black Sea, beautiful gardens , parks, fountains, swimming pools, heliodromes, sports fields and a small complex that is intended for the staff who maintains the entire property.

Activists claim that although this property is registered as a developing hotel, the public archive, the permanent presence of security from Russian security services, as well as suspicious traces of various documents related to this property, are revealed by the real owner.

In 2010, Sergey Koleshnevikov, a businessman and former Putin collaborator, published a letter addressed to the then President of Russia Dimitrij Medvedev, arguing that the palace we are talking about was built using money from state funds, as well as from funds that originate from various offshore bank accounts.

The alleged photos of this palace during its construction appeared for the first time on the Russian version of the WikiLeaks website six years ago.

And now, photographers who had the opportunity to take photos, reveal her classic, luxurious interior, with a golden decor and painted ceilings. Koleshnikov describes this villa as a modern version of the villa of Emperor Peter the Great, and its estimated value is more than one billion dollars.

However, we are not sure whether the rumors that this villa is really owned by Putin can be trusted, or this is just another in a series of attempts by the opposition to disrupt its credibility. The Kremlin is constantly denying the rumors that this villa was built for the current president, who was soon on the list among the 10 most beloved people in the world..

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