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Each color has special significance and is associated with the power and impact of the planets, so each zodiac sign has several happy colors and shades.

White color is a synonym for purity, and is especially happy for Cancer, Gemini, and Virgo.

What is yours?

Aries – red, coral, light pink and white

Taurus – brown, green, turquoise and dark orange

Gemini – a color of peach, yellow, white and light blue

Cancer – emerald green, silver, lavender, white and light yellow

Leo – golden, dark purple and orange

Virgo – light green, gray, white, cream and purple

Libra – ivory, gray, white, cream and purple

Scorpio – red, black, dark blue and emerald green

Sagittarius – navy blue, purple red, olive and cobalt blue

Capricorn – chocolate brown, blue, dark green, gray and black

Aquarius – silver, black, blue, cyclamen

Pisces – light green, purple, pink, blue-gray



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