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What exactly will happen to you in December? Would you just now get to know the person you yearned for the entire year or will ultimately end the toxic connections that you endure for a long time?

Find out:


If you are in a relationship:

In the first half of December, avoid hiding anything from your partner, because secrets will easily break out. It can lead to emotional problems in a relationship or marriage.

You need to improve communication with your partner and dedicate to joint plans. You will lack patience in the conversation, which can lead to tension in relationships.

In the second half you will have good ideas how to improve the relationship and spend more time together. Suggest a short festive trip. The other party will appreciate the initiative.

If you are free:

Through a friend you will meet a person from afar, probably from abroad, who is visiting on the occasion of the holidays. Trust your sympathies at a glance.

Get out, watch and relax in active time together. You will easily agree on sex and ideas, so the dynamics and the great dose of romance can bring you desires for something more than a momentary adventure. Talk on this topic.


If you are in a relationship:

After December 9th, expect the refreshment of the emotional connection. In you and your partner, passions that have been suppressed for a long time will wake up. You will start getting out and having fun as early as possible.

The proximity will be enhanced and you will feel great support from the desired person, which will lead to the successful realization of the joint plans.

You will welcome the end of this year together in the company of close friends.

If you are free:

You need someone with whom you can understand and build a long-distance, no-play connection. By the middle of the month you will meet a person who will give you the desire to enjoy life.

Although the relationship will be based on a physical and erotic relationship, it will suit you at first. When you want something deeper, it’s fair to get into serious conversations.

If you notice that the person is a bit selfish and only discusses your needs, stay on a passing adventure and continue on.


If you are in a relationship:

From December 3 to December 20, it’s important to focus on solving problems with your partner and loudly telling you what you are concerned about.

Mutual communication will be aggravated and a short tension will be created. It is positive that the difficulties will quickly pass.

The filling phase will begin after December 20, when your partner will endeavor to fulfill your wishes and give you maximum support. More appreciate the effort and the stakes.

If you are free:

At the beginning of the month, you will get acquainted with a person with whom you will feel love at first glance.

You will be inclined to idealize your face, which can bring you disappointment if you do not do enough about it.

Mid-December is a great time to start a new relationship. Everything will take place slower than you expect, but by the end of the month you will be in a new love.


If you are in a relationship:

Your fantasy will be encouraged for a whole month and will bring you good ideas on how to improve the relationship with the loved one. Plan joint trips, it will easiest and calm you.

Avoid hiding your trifles from your partner, as this may disrupt your plans for the future. Talk.

In the second half of the month, expect your partner’s initiative and domination. Do not be prone to traditional approaches. Focus on emotions, not other people’s opinions.

If you are free:

At the beginning of the month you will have a strong desire for romantic situations and you will easily fall in love and take it. It will attract you who will act in unreachable.

At first you will only fantasize and you will be afraid to download anything, but from mid-December you will realize that the initiative must come from you.

Find a mutual contact that will bring you closer. A good opportunity will be New Year’s gatherings.


If you are in a relationship:

Your will is on the ceiling and you will make the right decisions in your emotional bond, for which you will disrupt your care partner. You will have good suggestions on how to improve your common finances.

You know what you want and it will bring a positive mood to your community.

In the second half of the month it is possible that the prevailing mood prevails, so you will have to agree more on compromises. You need fun with your partner, monotony can kill your fortune.

If you are free:

You will fall in love with a person you have met through a common friend and that will appear in the places where you will go out. Resolve and attract attention, however much it may seem like a challenge.

You need to know more about his / her interests and to perform original and unobtrusive. It will be a good combination for a new beginning.


If you are in a relationship:

After December 3rd, the stars are fond of your relationship or marriage. You will be romantically liked, which will be a pleasant surprise to your partner.

Take advantage of every free time for cultural meetings. Avoid secrets, and especially guard against secret flirting and making any conversations behind the partner’s back. Things come to light faster than you think.

At the very end of December, you will overcome all the difficulties that you can face and find a better mutual understanding. Get ready for the harmonious end of the month and year.

If you are free:

More than usual you will be inclined to idealize and seduce. The person you like will get you stars and it will be enough. Your mistake is that you are not trying to get to know it better.

By the middle of the month you will notice that your sympathy has flaws.

In parallel, you will be interested in someone who will not give you great importance and attention, but passions will burn at the end of the month.


If you are in a relationship:

Starting on December 1st, expect serious disagreements and dissatisfaction with your partner. Unexpectedly, there will be suppressed problems from the past, which will only be solved without difficulty with a compromise.

Be open and resolve what you have neglected for several months. The crisis you face will put you in serious trials.

Fortunately, you have friends who will guide you on the right path. By the end of December you will be able to prove to your partner what your sincere intentions are and will bring a warehouse in the last week.

If you are free:

If you have recently broken up an emotional relationship, it will be difficult for you to reconcile and look for ways to restore old love.

You will try to contact at any price, specify it for conversation or passion. Attempts will be refused from the wall.

Luckily, by the middle of the month, you start getting out and hang out, which will bring you new potential for sympathy. You do not compare anything and anyone with the past.


If you are in a relationship:

From December 1st you will be well-positioned and it will improve your relationship with your partner. Initiate more friendships and activities, joint gatherings and parties.

It’s important to avoid dishonesty because your partner will easily recognize you when doing something out of your heart when something from you must.

By the middle of the month you will improve understanding and communication with your partner, which will warm your relationship. By December 25th, avoid conservative views.

If you are free:

At the beginning of December you will be exclusively for fun. Allow yourself a lighter approach.

If you fall in love, you will be inclined to idealize a person who, fortunately, will not end up indecently and disappointingly. You will have a good chance to fill your dreams in the field of love.

Thanks to the subordination of the planets, after December 28th, the chances are that you will start a new relationship.


If you are in a relationship:

Try to resolve the past misunderstandings with your partner in order not to get settled. You need more conversations about joint plans and better organizing your time together.

In the second half of December, plan how you spend your holidays so that there are no quarrels. Your partner has different ideas and ideas than yours, so you’ll have to find a compromise.

December is in the hallmark of the fun and good times, so it’s only necessary to show more tenderness than usual.

If you are free:

The first half of December will be a variable in the field of love. You will be prone to adventures, but you will not get emotional, at least until December 15th.

Thanks to the placement of the planets, you will be attracted to someone who is communicative, entertaining and full of initiative and charm.

You will start to see, and then you will plan in detail the joint passage of the holidays. This can be an introduction to a new relationship.


If you are in a relationship:

With the desired person you will finally open chat topics that you have been silent for a long time. Your partner will not understand you best, but will value your sincerity and openness.

It is advisable to avoid secret meetings and to do anything without your partner’s knowledge, no matter how harmless you are.

In the second half of the month you will show an increased interest in joint activities. Suggest places where you can travel together.

Initiate greater intimacy, avoid crowds as large family and social gatherings as often as you can. There is a great risk of conflicts there.

If you are free:

For a long time, a person attracts you for the sake of intelligence and the way it works. You may have had a chance to collaborate on a business or project, and right then you left a great impression.

Try official relations to warm them up and turn them into private. Change tactics and show more interest and sympathy for his / her interests.

Also, expect completely spontaneous statements of love from strangers. Stay with your feet firmly on the ground.


If you are in a relationship:

At the beginning of December you will face disagreements and misunderstandings. You will not be able to agree on the common goals with your partner, and on the surface you will have things that you have been silent for a long time and hid from one another.

It is possible to come to the point that your trust will be disturbed and your relationships will cool down.

In the second half you should try to resolve misunderstandings. Your planets are fond of balance and harmony. Holidays help you with the desire to overcome the problems.

Give greater tenderness and sincerity for recovery and restoration of trust.

If you are free:

You will be interested in parties and exits more than new emotional connections. By the middle of the month you will meet a person who will attract you with the vein, humor and optimism. You will have many talk topics.

Unfortunately or fortunately, a person with whom you used to be connected will also appear and you will want to restore your emotions.

Whatever you feel and whatever you want to choose, the most important thing is not to sit on two chairs.


If you are in a relationship:

Disagreements that you will have at the beginning of the month can negatively affect common goals, which will require you to quickly compromise.

Mid December will bring you closer to the person you want, but only if you rely on sincerity, warmth and protection.

For holidays you will enjoy together, and travel abroad is recommended. Remaining within the home may cause dissatisfaction with monotony.

If you are free:

Expect an unplanned meeting with a person you used to be in the past. Expect a re-rapproposal proposal. You may be indecisive because your body says one thing, and your heart is completely different.

Consider the reasons why you broke up, then decide.

The middle of the month will bring you a new love affair and you do not need to shake it by analyzing it. Relax in the adventure.


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