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North of Fiji lies an untouched oasis with only one hotel and excellent specialties.

Tuvalu, an independent state with a population of 10,640 people, is located in the Pacific Ocean. While the world’s top tourist destination, France, welcomed 82.6 million people in 2016, Tuvalu attracted only 2,000 brave-hearted explorers. However, the least visited country in the world has made substantial progress as only 1,000 people had made it to Tuvalu in 2014.

It is located north of Fiji, halfway between Hawaii and Australia, which complicates the journey to this island.

After a long flight over the vast ocean, there are islands with many palm trees, and the largest among them is Fonfalese, the size of 2.8 km square.

Tourists come with “Fiji Airlines”, and they search for accommodation in the only hotel on the island, in a motel or in private family accommodation. Food is cheap and restaurants serve island and Chinese specialties.

The offer depends on the products arriving by boat. There are no flights between the islands, but boat trips are organized, which according to the wishes of the guests include diving.

If you decide to travel to Tuvalu, you can have fun in one of the three nightclubs open three days a week.

If you want to visit that hidden paradise in the Pacific, you will have to hurry because it is on the list of the most vulnerable islands that due to climate change and water level rise could soon disappear.


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