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The island of Kulangsu offers impurities to the past and present of China. It is full of buildings that resemble Chinese architecture, but there are also buildings that mark the new time. This is a paradise for the eyes.

Since July, the so-called “Piano Island” – named after the musical sounds of piano and music capture, is the UNESCO’s cultural heritage of UNESCO, which was elected by the committee after the 41st session. Starting from the largest piano museum to peaceful colonial palaces and cobras, Kulangsu offers a unique journey through the past of China.

How do you get to this place?

There are ferry boats using the seven-minute route between Kulangsu and Xiamen 24 hours a day. In an attempt to protect the island’s legacy, Kulangsu recently limited the number of ferries every day. Ferry booking is recommended to run online and avoid Chinese public holidays. This place is really far, but if after these pictures you become an unrealized wish, book a flight to China and then with the help of a ferry you will reach this destination.

Musical Island

Sand beaches

The best sights

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