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People who are ruthless and do not care too much about others, are definitely more successful in implementing their own ideas.

Steve Jobs is known for creating one of the most successful companies in the world, but also by swearing his employees, or at least claiming that they worked with him and for him.

However, according to recent studies, what and how it helped him to success is just arrogance and confidence. In fact, the study claims that the individuals who are ruthless towards those around or, more simply speaking, behave like “jerks”, are more successful because they are more able to impose their voice in a particular group more strongly.

To understand why such people have more success, at least when it comes to working engagement, two experiments have been conducted. In one, 200 students solved a series of personality tests that were tested for how ruthless they were to others, and how creative they were. Then in 10 minutes they should design a marketing campaign for their university, but also in groups of three members to campaign together.

It turned out that in the groups they beat exactly those students who were more inrusive, and not those who were more creative and better.

The second part of the research dealt with how students would react if their ideas were not accepted. It was confirmed that those who had a ruthless and unpleasant character did not care too much if others did not like their ideas, while the people who took care of the opinions of others often gave up their ideas.

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