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On August 11th (Local time), according to Dutch media Het Parool, Edgar Steven Davids won the lawsuit made on the Dutch court against Riot Games regarding ‘Striker Lucian’, a skin that Davids claimed to be based on his appearance on field.

As such, Riot Games will have to reveal how much they made with ‘Striker Lucian’ in order to compensate Davids. What’s interesting is how Davids’ first response to the skin was to say “Thank you”. It didn’t stop Davids from pursuing a legal action against Riot Games in 2015.

The reactions of LoL community was not happy, including Thorin who used a strong word to condemn Davids’ action and MonteCristo who acknowledged Thorin’s reaction.

While the extent of this lawsuit itself is limited to the Netherlands, the implications are rather significant. Games have often made popular culture references as parodies and homages; League of Legends is not an exception. If – although this is a big if – the original owner of such references decide to take it to the courtroom, Riot Games might have a lot to answer for.

Then what are some of references made with champion skins in League of Legends that seems slightly too similar to their original counterparts?

1# Pool Party Graves – Hugh Jackman, especially this picture

2# Debonair Jayce – 007

3# Chosen Master Yi – Luke Skywalker from Star Wars

4# Vandal Brand – Ghost Rider

5# Nautilus – Big Daddy from Bioshock

6# Aviator Irelia – Amelia Earhart

7# Pantheon – Spartan Warriors from 300

8# Alien Invader Heimerdinger – Martians from Mars Attacks!

9# Grungy Nunu – Cookie Monster from Sesame Street

10# Secret Agent Miss Fortune – Jessica Rabbit from Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

11# Talon – Ezio Auditore da Firenze from Assassin’s Creed

12# Dragonblade Talon – Strider Hiryu

13# Popstar Ahri – Girls’ Generation (Genie era)

14# Frozen Shen – Sub-Zero from Mortal Kombat

15# Yellow Jacket Shen – Scorpion from Mortal Kombat




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