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The small, simple cabin house in the Dutch Loosdrecht is a work of architects from the studio “2by4”.

The cabin house is set on a small islet in the lake and built in a way that offers it full interaction with the untouched nature around it.

One side of the glass facade can be fully opened, making the outdoor terrace part of the whole interior of the cabin house in a simple and quick way. Although the house occupies a relatively small area, it has everything that is necessary for cooking, hygiene and rest as well as in any other holiday home.

The wall can be changed to change the spatial configuration of the cabin house according to the needs and wishes of the owners, as well as according to the weather conditions, in order to create a pleasant atmosphere in every season.

The fireplace is rotating and hanging, that is, set to hang from the ceiling and easily adapts to the changes in the space in the cottage. You can turn to the outside terrace and make them a bit more pleasant fresh summer nights spent under the open sky by the lake.


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