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Kaitlin Miller’s emotional letter to the man who grew up as her own daughter will not leave you indifferent.

The 21-year-old girl from Kansas wrote a message to her stepfather Lance to thank him for the unwavering love and care she had given her all the years.

My dear stepfather,

I wonder what you did on the day I was born. I bet it was on your regular job, eating the burrito from a gas station for lunch and going for a drink with friends. There was no idea that thousands of miles away, your future wife gave birth to your eldest daughter. I can say that I wish he was there, but I know that God sent you in my life for the moment when he sent you.

You are not my biological father, I do not carry your surname (yet) and I do not look a bit like you. Every man can make a child and put his surname on the birth certificate. But, you need a real man like you to take care of a child who is not his. Your love is actually a choice. I know that in the past I took more care of my biological father, but after you broke my heart several times, you were there to pick up the broken pieces. With each hug you squeezed those pieces together even stronger.

I was 9 when I met you, God sent us my mother, my brother and me to the other side of the United States to meet you. Who knew that what my mom showed with her hands by her phone number on the other side of a hot storehouse would end up marrying? You are perfect for one another. You give your mother the love she deserves.

Nobody is thanking you enough often. I know that the work kills you, but you do what you must do for us, your children. You never give up, you endure it every day no matter how difficult life becomes. You are a great example for us. I know that in the past I was a rebel about the choice of my boys, but you taught me what a real man is. I know that the real man will not let me down, he will not choose drugs or alcohol instead of me, he will not harass me verbally or physically and he will never make me feel as if I’m not good enough. Many times my heart was broken, but you’re always there to fold it again. You make me feel like I’m worth it.

You looked at me as I grew up all these years. It was there for everything, my first graduation, my basketball, my art exhibitions and my graduation. You and mom were always in the front row. You always encouraged me to be myself. He never made me be something that I did not. Even when I changed my mind millions of times for what I want to do, you always supported every decision I made. When making mistakes, I was helped to fix them. And in some ways they survived my teenage years, and this tells you much more about your patience than anything else.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, to the woman I got up. I know that without you I would not be even close to being today. You are a really incredible human being and when people ask me who my father is, I’m proud to say your name.

Thank you for caring for my family. I know you did not create me, your name is not on my birth certificate, I do not have your last name (still), and I do not resemble you. None of this will ever matter, because in the past 11 years you formed me, went to parenting meetings at school, made me your child and never made me doubt myself. I’m dissolving every time I talk about you, because you have never been disappointed, like the other men in my life. When they leave me, or disappoint, at the end of the day I will still have you.

Thank you for everything you do for me. I am extremely proud to be your daughter.


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