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Sea cows are a protected animal species in America, and Hurricane Irma has not spared them.

Hurricane Irma caused a terrible storm on Florida and left behind a wasteland, and many sea animals could not be saved from it. Namely, in the photos of, it is seen how the hurricane enticed the ocean near Sarasota, and the marine cows were left dry.

Water Receding in Key Largo, Florida

WATCH: Video shows water receding in Key Largo, Florida, leaving a boat docked in the sand.

Posted by NBC News on Sunday, September 10, 2017

Sea cows are protected animal species. They appeared 50 million years ago and are the only marine mammals that are herbivorous.

This is not the first case of a hurricane to get an ocean. We remind you, a tape appeared on Twitter, which now shows the wasteland in a place where there was ever water.

Now there is only sand and a bar with sea lawn. The water retreated, so now it can literally go for something that was once the ocean floor.
US President Donald Trump has approved Florida to declare a state of natural disaster and has imposed federal aid for this country hit by Hurricane Irma.


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