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But the American calculations did not match the Arab-Islamic calculations.
After five years of global war, while all the forces of evil in the world have committed themselves to the Arab and Islamic nation, to achieve the project of the new Middle East at the expense of the Arab and Islamic East, serving Israel, Washington and their Arab and European allies.

All honorable people who made “miracles” and turned the equations and established the beginnings of a global axis will serve all peoples who eager to freedom and living with dignity.

The exceptional steadfastness of the resistance axis in the face of the most powerful global conspiracy led to these victories in Syria, Iraq and Yemen, and reflected on the heroic Palestinian people, through qualitative operations against the occupation soldiers, in return to this issue luster and brightness, after almost destroyed by “Arab spring” to say the least It is a criminal bloody spring that tried to kill everything that is beautiful in our region by spreading destructive ideas that have nothing to do with Islam, but the victories in Syria and Iraq have brought the issue back to its rightful place in Palestine, by asserting that there is no enemy in our land and religion except the wicked Zionists.

The mythical steadfastness of the resistance axis has turned all expectations. The crisis has come to the heart of the countries that conspired against Syria, Iraq and Yemen. Obama is leaving the White House, Holland, Britain is in trouble, Erdogan is sick and weak, the Saudi leadership is in real trouble. The president of Syria, Bashar al-Assad, is steadfast in the palace of Al-Muhajereen, moving in the Syrian cities, winning with the support of Russia and Iran, the leader of the Islamic resistance Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, Iran strong and solid, Russia the leader of the world, the economy of China is strong, The American will not be rescued by Trump.

This year has marked strategic changes in field victories, from the legendary steadfastness of the people in Yemen in the face of the Saudi-American aggression, in addition to the Iraqi restoration to the city of Mosul, the capital of the so-called “ISIS” caliphate, to the victories achieved by the Syrian army, the Revolutionary Guards and the Islamic resistance on Syrian soil, The map of control in favor of the Allies, not the end of the battle of the border in Arsal, and how the Lebanese resistance managed to resolve the battles in a record time, all of which would not have been possible without the blood of the martyrs and the wounded, who were credited with achieving all this.

That blood that turned America from a leader of the Axis of Evil in 2013 to impose what it wants, to a successor in 2017, awaits the surprises carried by the axis of resistance, both on the ground and politically.

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