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One card deck is divided into four signs and colors, each of which has 13 cards. But did you know that the cards deck contains 52 cards that represent 52 weeks of a year?

But that it’s not all. The cards hide even more interesting facts. Namely, 4 different signs represent 4 different seasons, and the colors red and black represent day and night.

Also, 12 picture cards represent 12 months of the year.

When all cards are collected in the deck, the number 364 is obtained, and when a joker is added, the number 365 or the number of days per year is obtained.

It is believed that the cards originate from ancient China, but there are several theories about the exact time in which they originate.

Game with cards have appeared in Europe from Islamic countries, probably around 1360. In that time were used a sword, a stick, a coin, and a cup.

On December 28th, the day of the cards is celebrated in the United States. Although, it is not known why and when exactly this holiday began to be celebrated. It’s a common practice to send interesting cards and play various games in the circle of family and friends.

How often do you play cards with your family/friends?


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