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Each zodiac sign has its own virtues and faults, as well as many uncertainties.

In the following, read the greatest insecurities of every sign that hides them deeply inside.

Aries – acts confidently, but is overwhelmed with doubts and he himself pushes himself to be the best.

Taurus – fears of any change in life, because he is afraid of the unknown and of everything he is not accustomed to.

Gemini – hide the bad mood and grief because they want to leave the impression that they are infinitely happy and satisfied.

Cancer – never trusts people completely in their lives.

Leo – wants others to have a 24-hour need, because it feels so strong and better.

Virgo – requires confirmation from others that she is good at what she does.

Libra – simply does not know and does not want to say “no” to people.

Scorpio – fears of failure.

Sagittarius – times from the selfish actions of other people, but constantly pretends that everything is fine.

Capricorn – is constantly reassessing his value and wondering if he is good enough.

Aquarius – is secretly afraid that people actually do not accept it as it really is.

Fish – instead of facing the problems or the people they cause, they would rather escape from conflict situations.

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