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The luxurious cruises as they are organized today, if this concept is ever realized, will leave in history literally overnight.

Italian architect and designer Gianluca Santosuosso has designed the innovative futuristic hotel MORP Hotel, which will sail along seas and oceans.

When you look at the design solution, the first thing that comes to your mind is – Star Wars. The architecture of the hotel is reminiscent of the spine, it is possible to change the shape depending on the sea and ocean currents, and here is the self-sustaining ecosystem. Futuristic, without discussion.

The concept envisions a length of about 800 meters, a width of just over 6 meters, and should be supplied with energy from the waves and the sun.

The idea is for this hotel to sail along the seas, and for the guests not to be bored, it is anticipated the existence of restaurants, swimming pools, fitness centers, even cinema.

What is even more interesting is that the conceptual design implies that the hotel is equipped with self-sustaining systems. The rain should be filtered and stored in large tanks, and seawater with special systems will be purified from salt.

The idea is great, but … can you imagine how much it would cost? No? Well, we can not even … So, the question is whether this concept will ever come to life in reality … But we must admit that the idea is interesting.


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