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Reality can often be crazed by fiction, and in the case of events that occurred on April 1, and thus caused even greater distrust, this statement is doubly correct.

Singer Marvin Gay on April 1, 1984, was killed by his father with firearms. The news was so incredible that even Marvin’s friend, Smokey Robinson, thought it was an unpleasant first April joke.

Rock singer Van Halen – David Lee Roth, on April 1, 1985, decided to leave his band. Most fans thought it was April 1 joke.

Google called for testing the beta version of its popular email, GMail, on April 1. Because their offer, at that time, sounded too good to be true, everyone thought it was a joke.

When the media announced on April 1, 2012 that Ashton Kutcher would starve Steve Jobs in the film “Jobs”, everyone thought it was a joke. Kutcher was known at that time as a replacement for Charlie Sheen in the series “Two and a Half Men”. But when “Jobs” appeared in theaters in 2013, he was the main role.



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