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Fear is a completely normal response to the potential danger. However, our mind may be able to link strange symbols with potential danger to a completely different level. The picture you will see is the perfect picture of psychoanalysis of your biggest fears.

The first thing you will notice in the picture reveals much about your greatest fear.

The analysis is easy and very effective. The only thing you need to do is to read something more about the symbol you will first notice:


What did you see first in the picture? Read the results:

Little girl

If the first thing you saw in the picture is a little girl, it means that your fear comes from repressed feelings of childhood. There are various events that can affect the child’s mind. If they are not resolved in time, they can later appear in older years in the form of fears, addictions, patterns, and unpleasant desires. The relationship with your mother is very important for emotional development. If a child spent a lot of time separated from his mother or if the mother was not very warm as the child grew, it is possible to unconsciously project through fears. In this way, a child can develop fear of making a decision or taking responsibility.


Although butterflies usually associate with positive things, however, there are deeper unconscious meanings for this symbol that comes from a darker place. According to the interpretation of dreams, the butterfly is a sign of new opportunities and beginnings. The spiritual significance is that the butterfly transmits the souls into the afterlife. If the first thing you saw in the picture is the butterfly, then your unconscious fear comes from the fear of death. The other possibility is a fear of non-life and missing chances. You can also suppress feelings of sadness for people who are no longer in your life.


The strawberry is placed perfectly in the center of the picture and is a symbol of the heart. The strawberry has long been a symbol of love. There is a myth that when the god Adonis died, Venus could not stop crying and every tear falling on the ground produced strawberries. If this is the first symbol you saw, then your greatest fear comes from your subconscious resistance to love. The origins of this fear most often come from childhood and the way in which parents behaved toward each other. But it can come from a broken heart from one of your first links. The over-size strawberry reveals how much love you have to give. The picture reveals that you are putting a lot of love into yourself and you are afraid to give it, because you think you will be punished for it.


One of the biggest fears in humans is the fear of spiders. It is an evolutionary defense mechanism that makes us more aware of the dangers surrounding us. But the spider as a symbol comes from a deeper fear that suggests that our environment is not safe. If a spider is something you first saw in the picture, it means that your fears stem from your inability to feel safe in your environment. You always pay attention to detail and look for dangers even in the safest places. Your fear of danger keeps you from falling into the beautiful and happy moments and over-analyzing. It’s completely possible to face anxiety and panic attacks.


The tree is a powerful psychological symbol. One of the best psychoanalytic tests evaluates the psyche of a man according to the position on which he draws the tree on a sheet of paper. The tree is a symbol of our roots and in this case it has deeper symbolism. Two trees that make a bridge probably mean that there is an internal conflict in us that we have not yet solved. It’s an emotional partition that we have not solved. If the first thing you saw is the two trees, this means that your deepest fear comes from accepting this subconscious emotional partition. You are afraid to accept some parts of yourself. You develop your identity around this shadow and refuse to merge with yourself. Most of us know their own doubts and insecurities. However, the effect is not the same as that other one can reveal to you. Facing your shadows can be a very powerful thing.

Velvet teddy bear

Every child finds some sort of comfort in hugging his favorite sword. It is a place to run for every child and gives him a sense of security and warmth. This is what the bear itself represents, a friend who unconditionally understands, a safe place full of warmth and love. But the swords of this picture are strange and the fact that you have noticed them is really interesting. You are afraid of fear. This fear comes from a trauma that may have happened during your childhood, an event that scares you and in those moments you did not have anyone to comfort you.




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