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A boy who is originated from Iceland, and grew up in Denmark, made photos in the name of love on the icebergs, huskins, the life of ice.

His trip to Greenland forced him to leave Denmark behind and move to Iceland, which he said was definitely a big step and waited for the real reason to leave. Exploring Eastern Greenland, the 100-year-old Danish Sailor looked like a great opportunity for him. An old ship with a lighthouse, with mainly Icelandic crew, he could not have imagined a better and more accessible companion. While sailing through the deepest parts of Scoresby Sund (one of the world’s largest fjord systems), he encountered many places with famous names, including the places he had visited earlier in Denmark. However, it was ridiculous when compared to the names of Greenland. The space and size of the Greenlandic elements is unimaginable. Enjoy!






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