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“My name is David Tesinski and I came to Ethiopia to find real exorcist rituals and it cost me a little time to find them.”

This boy says that he earned an inexpensive airline ticket with new money and found a few contacts in Addis Ababa. People were not so pleasant at first, he was robbed when he needed to sleep the night, and eventually there was a bloody battle between two guys.

Finding such rituals of exorcism took him many days when he got up at 4-5 in the morning and prayed that someone would allow him to document it with a photo, which was not very real. After two weeks of his stay, he found a place close to Addis Ababa, where that ritual was held, and more than 150 people waited for them to reach the priest Memhehr.

“People were crying, screaming, Mamehir hit them and questioned whether they really felt better about their fate.Mehemir was actually expelled from all the churches because he earned more money from the church itself. He was constantly looking for the money, a very old woman gave him $ 100 and always wanted more, although $ 100 are probably the most money she can earn in a month. ”














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