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Imagine a situation in which you have 4 doors in front of you.

One of them hides the entrance to absolute happiness and contentment in life. It’s yours to discover which one.

By what door do you go, thinking that she is the right one?

#1 If you chose the blue door

This choice reveals that you always want a savior role. You define success according to the depth of the relationships that you have in your life. You want to have several important faces, not many acquaintances.

You know how to build a trust-based connection, but unfortunately it easily hurts when you lose your trust.

The blue door symbolizes that you are sincere and loyal. The hardships to face the problems, so we would rather agree to any compromise.

You are hiding behind a false strong image that you create for you, and in fact you are extremely soft inside.

#2 If you chose the purple door

The choice reveals that power and success are the most important to you. You want to have control over things. You do not “shoot” anything when you say your opinion, you are direct to painful boundaries.

You are strong, mysterious and mate attractive power. In life, self-esteem helps you a lot. You want to play by rules, not dishonest.

When things go wrong, you can not help but smile.

#3 If you chose the red door

The choice of the red door reveals that you are full of energy. You want to enter competitions and measure forces, because you want to do things perfectly.

Although you have a slightly more aggressive nature, you are grounded and realize how much it means when you help someone.

Easily assemble acquaintances and friendships because you are warm and positive.

#4 If you choose the door with an owl

This choice reveals that you are unique and curious. You do not want to follow templates. Everyone respects your beautiful energy, independence and the positive that you radiate.

You value friends and family and have a huge heart when you need to help the people you care about.

Easily attract the opposite sex with your features, but you prefer to be your own heroes.


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