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Hope for Paws is an animal rescue organization that saves lost, abandoned, and homeless companion animals, particularly dogs, from shelters and the street. A kind Samaritan recently called them with some disturbing news that a gentle homeless dog was near death after a cruel person made another dog attack him with the intent to kill him.

The sweet dog they named Pacino had made an abandoned junkyard his home for five years and was regularly fed by the aforementioned kind Samaritan who grew very fond of him. After the junkyard was purchased, the new owner wanted Pacino dead and proudly boasted he was going to get another dog to attack and kill the pup. As a result of this frightening act, Pacino suffered so many puncture wounds he could not even get a much-needed bath. He was in immense pain from a broken leg and multiple fractured ribs, and in dire need of help.

Thankfully, Hope for Paws stepped in and Pacino is receiving around-the-clock care and a lot of love and attention. If you are able, please consider making a donation to Hope for Paws to ensure Pacino receives all the treatment and care he needs and deserves.

The extent some people go to harm animals is always shocking and disturbing. If it were not for the kind person stepping in, Pacino would have likely succumbed to the injuries and perished in the street just as the junkyard owner intended. There is an ongoing police investigation for this cruel crime.

Sadly, cases like these are not as uncommon as we would wish, so if you ever witness animal cruelty, please do not hesitate to contact authorities. And please share this with your network to gain more support for Pacino!


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