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If you decide to travel to one of these countries and take pictures of certain places, you may receive a high fine and even end up in jail. In some places you can taste “only” to brake your camera or an insult, but beware of countries where this is regulated by the law.

#1 Netherlands

In Amsterdam, the Netherlands is forbidden to take photos of the Red Light District where brothels are located that make this city known. The owners despise photography of the objects, even more so for the prostitutes, so if you are caught doin this, be prepared to break your phone or camera.

#2 North Korea

Many things are forbidden in this isolated country, including photographing of everything. If you ever visit this country, be sure to navigate with a guide and do not risk taking pictures because you can end up in jail.

#3 South Korea

In this part of the Korean Peninsula are slightly looser with the laws, yet you can not take pictures of women in any public space without their consent. The breach of this rule will be interpreted as a sign of aggressive behavior and may cost you a fine of up to 7,000 euros, and in the worst case, a prison of up to 5 years.

#4 United States

In the “country of freedom” you will not go as bad as in Korea, but still do not shoot private property without the consent of the owner and respect the signs where it is stressed that photography is forbidden.

#5 United Arab Emirates

A photo at certain locations can give you a prison sentence of up to three months or a fine of 1,500 euros. It is forbidden to shoot and take photos in a lot of locations, and do not let it slip to take photos of government buildings, bridges or palace of the sheikh. The ban on photographing the palace is prescribed by law.

#6 England

You can take pictures of what you want, just do not use them for commercial purposes. You must get a special permission for this. For example, for photographing Trafalgar Square or Parliament for commercial purposes, you must obtain a special permit from the mayor.

#7 Japan

In the Land of the Sunrise it is forbidden to shoot certain temples and statues of the Buddha. In some temples, the ban is valid throughout the year, and somewhere is only occasional. So carefully read the inscriptions.

#8 Algeria

In this rather conservative country, especially in the south, you are allowed to shoot public space only with permission. They are especially strict about photographing women. You must first get permission from your spouse or father. It is also strictly forbidden to shoot bridges and military facilities.

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